Colleges with the best Financial Aid University of Maryland Baltimore

The University of Maryland is situated in downtown Baltimore, and concentrates on educating students in professional degrees such as medicine, dentistry, law and nursing. The university was founded in 1807 and is the “state’s public academic health, law, and human services university devoted to leadership and excellence in professional and graduate education, research, public services and patient care.”

Students who attend the University of Maryland can gain real hands on experience as medical and dental students provide free health and dental care to residents, whilst law students engage in pro bono legal work. The University is proud of its inventive technologies which have resulted in 900 issued and pending patents.

The costs of attending the University of Maryland depend on which school within the university is chosen, which will be determined by the profession one considers entering. The university is committed to providing an education for suitably qualified students and believes that no student should be denied access to educational opportunities due to lack of funds. The financial aid office says “our primary aim is to award need based financial aid consisting of scholarships, grants, loans, and Federal work study to eligible students.”

Needs based grants are available in the form of federal grants, State of Maryland grants and institutional grants from the university. Federal and institutional grants will be awarded on the basis of the FAFSA form. There are various grants available from the State of Maryland for those students who study within state. The Educational Assistance Grant is available to Maryland resident students and awards between $400 and $2,700 per academic year.

The State Nursing Scholarship pays tuition and fees of up to $3000 per year for students who must agree to serve in the profession, in Maryland, for one year after graduation. Additionally the Maryland Pathways Program increases the grant component of financial aid to assist low income Maryland resident students. The state also offers the Maryland Distinguished Scholars program which provides an annual stipend of $3000 for four years.

Scholarships are available directly from the University of Maryland, as well as from external sources. Some institutional scholarships are based partly on financial need whilst others promote a diverse student body. There are also merit scholarships available to “students with superior academic achievement, leadership qualities, and/or potential contribution to the scholarly community of the university.” Institutional scholarships include the Banneker Key Scholarship and the Dean’s Scholarship.

Financial aid is the difference between the expected family contribution and the costs of attending college. Federal loans are available to students who complete the FAFSA, and those who qualify for financial aid will receive Federal work study as part of their financial aid package.

As the University of Maryland, Baltimore, concentrates on educating students in professional fields they are well equipped for entering professions upon graduation which will provide an income. There is also a good range of student loan forgiveness programs for graduates to consider in medicine, nursing, dentistry, social work and law.