Community College Benefits

The choice between whether or not to attend a community college or a four-year university is a big decision to make for adolescents and adults. There is a huge misconception in North America that attending a four-year university program will help adults find better jobs and build better lives than if they graduate from a community college program. The truth is that community colleges are beneficial for several reasons.  Community colleges are less costly than universities and they provide a more hands on education for the students. Not everyone wants to be stuck in a university classroom writing essays and reports for four years. Community college is ideal for students who know what they want to do and who would rather not wait four years and spend more money than necessary to achieve their educational goals. 

The only thing that is more alarming than the cost to attend a traditional four-year university is the amount of university graduates that have not been able to attain jobs that they feel satisfied with. For years, parents and their children are preached to by the media and the education system that a college education is the best way to achieve a bright future. However, having a degree from a top university is no longer a guarantee for getting a good job as it was in previous years. Thanks to student financial aid, college degrees are more easy for anyone to attain, which means that many people have degrees and having a degree isn’t rare anymore and doesn’t give an adult an edge over other job candidates. Traditional four-year universities cannot guarantee getting a job and the cost to attend those schools are more expensive than many families can handle. Community colleges are affordable and the lengths of the programs are usually not longer than two or three years—just perfect for students who are eager to get a jump start on their careers. 

The atmosphere at community colleges is very friendly and engaging for the students. Community colleges are not stuffy environments filled with elitist professors and students. Unlike professors who teach at huge universities, the teachers at community colleges have more time to spend with students on an individual basis. There are many exciting programs at community colleges, which makes for an exciting and electric vibe on the campuses. From culinary administration to business administration, community colleges have many diverse and exciting programs and internships to help adults find careers in fields that they are interested in. Students can feel more comfortable studying in the smaller classroom sizes in community colleges versus the large and impersonal classroom sizes at universities. When students are comfortable at their schools they will feel more motivated to do well on their courses. 

Some community college degrees can be used to help students fast-track their admittance to the four year university of their choice. Instead of spending a lot of money on the first two years of a university program, students can complete a two or three year community college program at a less expensive price and then apply to be transferred to university. Many community college graduates find that they don’t need to transfer to a university in order to improve their chances of getting hired for good jobs.  Many community college graduates find gainful employment in the fields they studied in and many graduates become entrepreneurs. Because community colleges offer students a combination of practical and theoretical experience at more affordable prices, the schools appeal to a wider variety of students. These are all great reasons why community college might be the best choice for you.