Community College School

I have personal experience on this topic. The monogamous life on a senior is taxing on any 18 year old. The teachers as well as the students sort of ‘check out’- there is no real learning being given or any real desire to learn. This compiled with the idealistic views of college life brought on by the countless flyer’s and expectations creates almost a pedestal that isn’t realistic. It is quite common to get to college and realize it is not like anything you thought of. Personally, that’s what it was like for me. It is not a mecca for learning, it can be a lonely, taxing, and challenging process. Add on twenty thousand dollars a year and the average college student has a serious problem.

For me, community college was the most logical and consumer friendly solution. I went from owing 20,000 dollars a year to about 1,500. Logically, this is more than 20 times cheaper than a normal university. My thoughts were ‘Can community college really be 20 times worst than regular college?’ the answer is no, but there should be a few things you must be willing to sacrifice. (Besides the obvious drinking every Friday night and the frat parties) Besides these obvious cons, there are pros to community college.

First, the pros of community college besides the price. Generally the teachers are friendlier and class size is smaller. The teachers realize that community college students have other obligations (mainly work) that they are lenient on homework and attendance. They are generally friendlier than university professors with larger class sizes. The commute is close and you have a larger leniency to figure out what you want to do before you get to the big leagues. For the most part it is a great decision. But there are some disadvantages.

Even if it is college, it does feel quite a bit like high-school. Except you are paying for it. And books are expensive. On almost every class you will see someone in high school that you don’t want to see, asking you how your life is and you giving awkward answers and saying goodbye. This has it’s advantages in that you have to be honest with yourself with your own life. And this is nice every once in a while. Also, the hours of 9 to 3 are usually jam packed with students, but this is a lot like a regular univeristy. Overall, if you can swallow your pride and think logically (aka save 40,000 dollars), community college is a great decision for almost any student out of high-school.