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Community College: Your best bet

Also known as the bridge to opportunity, community colleges are the best bang for your buck when considering a quality higher education. 


If you are a great student, you are going to transfer into a great university, except your degree will be half the price of your class mates’ degrees. If you are not a great student, community college is also a great opportunity for you. It gives you a clean slate to start over academically and transfer to a college that may have not been a target school for you before. Again, for half the price.

To transfer to a four year college from community college is not hard if you know what to do. If you are really serious about transferring and want some real advice, read the “3 Word Truth To Attending Community College And Transferring.” If you put in the time, you can go to any school you desire, and community college will help you get there.

By going to a community college, you are still able to go to any university. So what’s really stopping you? 

Oh yeah, the typical college experience you’re “supposed” to have. I would like to share something with you. People who live that “real” college experience with the excessive partying and crazy lifestyles are dumb. What you don’t hear about is that those students who “live it up” in college end up going home and reverse transferring (going back to community college to start all over) because their grades were too low. You also don’t hear about the repetitive dinning hall food, cleaning a dorm room shared by people you may not like, or missing home. 

At community college, you don’t get the freedom of going away, living in a dorm, and being free of responsibility. Most people feel like they won’t be able to have the “real” college experience. 

Real college is about a balance and education. It’s about discovering what you love to do, what your passions are, and meet friends of a life time. Community college gave me the best college experience I could ask for. I learned in intimate, interactive classes. Not only did I meet real people who are in touch with me today, but I would also visit my friends at their schools on the weekends. I got to experience life at their colleges too. Something that is hard to do at a regular university.

In conclusion, you don’t miss out on much by going to community college. In fact, you will probably have a better time than most people going to a four-year school (although I doubt they will admit it).