Comparing Private and Public Colleges and Universities

Private Educational Institution are not better than state funded schools. Yes, it is true that state funded school have to meet higher standards where as many private school do not have to meet any standards. But the reason is a because the state knows that by keeping their standards high they are raising the expectations of students.  State school  produces student who are skilled in the majors and minor. The classes are much bigger which make it easier for networking and creating large studying groups. And as far a name is concern , the name of a school is irrelevant to education, what’s in a name? Most private colleges/ University lack a solid curriculum, and so student do not a get the fundamentals they need in order to succeed in their fields. Many private institution is a back door education system, it’s a easy way to get in school.

There are plenty of exceptional private school, however one must be mindful in reference to selecting school. The grimly truth is that  many private institution are not require to meet any education standards, that is to say that they are able to enroll anyone that meet the financial aide requirement. I do not oppose all form of private education, because in some cases private institution can have a higher academic requirement in comparison to a state funded school.  However, the fact of the matter is that even those school are likely to be two or three time higher than a state funded school. State funded school are less expensive and have to meet a various criteria. When selecting a school it is very important to do extensive research and request for information concerning the school accreditation.  Accreditation is a big issues that many student learn about after the fact, when student graduate school. Student than become unable to transfer their credit from one school to another because the state may not recognize the credit from the private school.

Enrolling in a state funded school for the most part guarantees that your college or university credits are valid and therefore are able to be transferred from one educational institute to another. If you qualify for financial aid benefit, it would be to your advantage to enroll in a public school because you are able to utilize most of the funds towards your education. That isn’t to say that your classes will be free but the prices of classes in public school and community colleges are much cheaper.