Comptia a plus 2009 Practice Test Book

The CompTIA A+ certification is a good stepping stone for anyone looking to enter the IT workforce.  There are countless schools, courses, and “boot camps” that will help you prepare to take the A+ exams, but it’s a good idea to supplement your learning with practice tests, especially if you’ve never taken the exams before.

Chimborazo Publishing, Inc.’s CompTIA A+ 2009 Q&A is a good practice test book, filled with 800 questions that are similar to questions you’ll encounter on the 2009 version of the A+ exams.  The book is broken up into two sections – one for the Essentials exam (220-701) and one for the Practical Applications exam (220-702) – and each section is divided into domains, such as networking, troubleshooting, hardware, and security.

The questions are multiple choice, just like on the real exams, and they will test a broad range of knowledge that any beginning computer or network technician should be familiar with.  Some of the questions are easy, but others are more difficult, and some get extremely detailed (which is great for studying purposes).

The answers to the questions are all grouped together in the back.  Having the answers farther away makes the reader less likely to look at the answer without trying to figure it out on his or her own, but it also can be a little awkward when you’ve answered a bunch of questions and you want to check your answers in the back, but still refer to the questions.  Some of the answers provide explanations of why that answer is correct; others simply state the correct answer.

The book, for the most part, is a good study aide.  You can learn a lot of material just by reading through the answers section.  However, there are a significant amount of typos in the answers, which makes checking your work kind of a pain because you have to make sure the book’s answer is right.  Several times the book had the wrong answer marked, and other times the wording of the answer contradicted the correct choice.

Overall, CompTIA A+ 2009 Q&A can be a helpful study guide, and with 800 practice questions it will keep you busy for a while.  The book’s retail price is $19.99, which is a bit high considering how many errors it has, but if you hunt around you may be able to find a used copy for a better price.