Coping with a Roommate who is a Heavy Drinker

Living with a roommate who drinks heavily can be very frustrating. It is important to have boundaries in the home when this is the case.  For example, drinking must be done in their room or outside the home and there are no parties during school nights. Having a lock on your bedroom door is also important if your roommate is known to get rowdy and obnoxious when she has been drinking. It is good to find a other locations near your home where you can escape to like the library, a coffee shop or a mall courtyard when your roommate is being too disruptive and you have a test or project to work on for school.

Headphones are also a good idea so that you can listen to music to help you fall asleep before a long workday. It is important to be resourceful like this when dealing with these types of difficult people. 

Also, make sure your neighbors and your landlord know that you are not partaking in any heavy drinking escapades with this roommate in case this person does something destructive during one of her binges. And always phone the landlord if there is conflict between you and the heavy drinking roommate. You are paying rent and it is your right to live in a safe and healthy environment. If this heavy drinker prevents you from having a decent home life where you can relax so that you can succeed in school and work then it is the landlords responsibility to remove said individual from the home and find a new roommate. Now if you are the landlord and the lease is in your name then you might want to consult your local tenant rights tribunal and find out if you have grounds to evict this roommate as soon as possible because conflict with a volitile person like this can turn ugly.

Some tips from author Rebecca Grappo of RNG International Educational Consultants, LLC, one, always be honest and confront them calmly when their drinking is interfering with the home harmony if you never confront them then you may blow up in their face one day over something and ruin the relationship. Two, be wiling to compromise. Let the roommate have the home one night for her parties as long as she gives you another night of full peace and quiet. Three, do not be afraid to call in a mediator if necessary like a landlord or a parent or councilor if you just can not handle the severity of the problem. Four, do not stoop to their level, it will just mess things up and cause a huge fight. Five, remember that you are an adult and confrontation is not conflict, it is a part of life and it is necessary to confront others before a conflict arises. This is a skill that all adults must have to succeed.