Corps of Cadets Uniforms

The Corps of Cadets is a unique organization. Its members volunteer for four years of military discipline, a rigorous schedule, and the role of the students most responsible for upkeep of the traditions at A&M. The Corps proudly wears styles of uniforms worn by Aggies for over 50 years as well as some newer uniforms. Here is just a basic overview of these uniform styles that cadets wear.

Summer Bravos

The most typical uniform worn in the Corps of Cadets, Summer Bravos are worn during most class days, march ins, reviews, and Corps trips. They consist of a khaki garrison cap, shirt, and trousers with black low quarters for freshman through junior cadets and light brown riding boots with riding breeches for seniors. A campaign hat is worn by cadets serving as cadre for Freshman Orientation Week as well as cadets serving in the Corps Guardroom. Commanders wear a Sam Brown and saber during formations and march ins. A black jacket and black gloves are worn during cold weather.

Winter Bravos

While largely a defunct uniform, Winter Bravos are still technically listed in The Standard as a uniform for everyday wear during winter months. They consist of a brown (known as “pink”) garrison cover, long sleeved khaki shirt, and brown pants. Like the Summer Bravos, cadets wear low quarters until senior year.

Summer Alphas

Summer Alphas are typically worn during some Corps trips, march ins, Parent’s Weekend review, and during check ins and marching tours during restricted weekends. They are essentially the Summer Bravos with a long sleeve khaki shirt and a black necktie. Commanders wear a Sam Brown and saber during formations and march ins.


Midnights are the current formal uniform for the Corps of Cadets. They consist of the brown garrison cover, a dark green shirt, and brown pants. A service cap is worn for Silver Taps, Muster, and other formal functions. Commanders wear the Sam Brown and a saber at formations and march ins. Cadets serving as officers of the day at football games wear the Midnight uniform with a campaign cover, Sam Brown belt, and saber. They are worn for Silver Taps, Muster, all other memorial services, the football game against Texas, to many outfit formals, and any other event necessitating a formal uniform.

Battle Dress Uniforms

The Battle Dress Uniform is the style of woodland camouflage used by the US Military between the 1980s and mid 2000s. The uniform consists of a camouflage patrol cap, long sleeved camouflage shirt which may be worn with the sleeves rolled up if desired, camouflage cargo pants, and either black or tan combat boots. They are worn during all “wet” labs that could potentially damage other uniforms, during some training such as obstacle courses, while serving in the guardroom after Taps, and for other times when a utility uniform is needed. A campaign hat is worn while serving in guardroom. They are no longer standard issue to freshman cadets, but they can still be purchased for wear.

Army Combat Uniform

This is both the new standard issue combat uniform of the US Army but also the standard issue utility uniform for incoming freshmen. They are light green with a digital camouflage pattern and are worn with tan boots. They are used for the same functions as the Battle Dress Uniform.

Charlies and Tangoes

“C’s and T’s” are a utility uniform consisting of BDU or ACU pants and boots with outfit or Corps of Cadets t shirts. These are worn for events such as march ins to soccer or basketball games, emergency relief efforts such as when the Corps sets up Reed Arena for hurricane evacuations, and March to the Brazos. Juniors also wear C’s and T’s with the addition of helmet liners painted in their outfit colors during Midnight Yell.

Marine Corps Combat Utility Uniform

The woodland patten Marine Corps utilities may be worn by cadets who have completed Marine Corps Officer Candidate School.

Air Force Flight Suit

The flight suit may be worn by authorized Air Force cadets, typically seniors who have already been assigned to flight, navigator, or air battle manager schools after graduation. They are typically only worn to Air Force ROTC courses.

Parson’s Mounted Cavalry’s Uniforms

Parson’s Mounted Cavalry, the last mounted ROTC unit in the country, wears a variation of the Midnights while riding in parade and serving in the cannon crew. All cavalry members wear riding breeches, with junior cadets wearing brown boots with leggings instead of the senior riding boots. The cavalry wears an older style US Army ROTC patch on their shirt pocket. The cavalry also shapes their campaign covers in the general shape of a cowboy hat. Sophomores follow the cavalry on parade wearing Battle Dress Uniform pants, combat boots, a Parson’s Mounted Cavalry shirt, and campaign cover while pushing wheelbarrows and carrying shovels and brooms. The cavalry wears blue jeans, a PMC shirt, and PMC baseball cap when drilling during the week.

Fish Drill Team Uniforms

The Fish Drill Team, an elite all freshman drill team, wears a modified version of the Midnight uniform. They are worn with bloused combat boots, a maroon and white FDT cord, special FDT patches, and a black FDT helmet liner. The standard rifle of the Fish Drill Team is the 1903 Springfield, and the commander carries a saber.

Ross Volunteer Company Uniforms

The Ross Volunteer Company, the official honor guard of the Governor of Texas, wears a distinctive white uniform with yellow trim. The dress uniform is a high neck white coats (similar to the Marine Corps Dress Alphas) and white service cap. Officers and the First Sergeant wear a red sash. The Ross Volunteers drill with 1903 Springfield, carry sabers for saber arch events, and the M-14 battle rifles for Silver Taps and Muster 21 gun salutes.

SEAL Platoon Uniforms

SEAL Platoon, a special unit devoted to preparation for Navy BUDS training, wears a blue SEAL Platoon t shirt and either BDU pants or short khaki shorts and combat boots.

Corps Center Guard Uniforms

The Corps Center Guard, a unit devoted to the preservation of Corps history, wears uniforms from throughout Corps history to include the original style Confederate surplus grays, World War II style uniforms, and many others. They typically wear these uniforms once a week and during certain football march ins.

These are the uniforms of the Corps of Cadets. They can be seen all year across the A&M campus, and are always worn with pride.