Costs and Benefits of an Ivy League College Diploma

Costs and Benefits of An Ivy League Diploma

Let us discuss first the advantages of Ivy league graduates.

Surely, they will definitely have the edge over those who are graduates from other schools.

Ivy league schools, to mention a few, consist of Brown University, Columbia University, Cornell University, Dartmouth College, Harvard University, University of Pennsylvania, Princeton University, & Yale University.

These schools have placements jobs for their graduates. They have solid networking with big companies which recruit students on their last year of schooling or who are about to graduate.

On the other hand, these students, without their trying to, have developed an air of confidence during the course of their studies. As job applicants, they can easily breeze the interview with almost all persuasive answers to the questions given them.

Most of these graduates do not usually start from the bottom ranks but in either junior and/or mid-management positions. They are rightly given the trust and confidence of the senior or higher management.

They also start with a higher pay as they are expected to do better than the regular employees with the same positions. They are considered to have strong foundation of knowledge while in school.

So what are the costs of being in these exalted educational institutions?

Firstly, to be able to be admitted in one of these schools, there are factors to be considered, namely : excellent grades in most of the subjects, ability to be one of the top students while in high school, involvement in worthwhile extra-curricular activities particularly in the communities, students’ interests in concurrence with the programs offered in these schools, and finally, financial capability.

Students have to sweat and burn their eyebrows so to speak to achieve high grades and to be top of the class.

They have to take part in activities most in particular community projects and be recognized.

Not to be taken lightly is the financial capability of the students to take care of the matriculations & other related school expenses. These can be resolved with them applying for scholarships and grants. Or they may also apply for financial loans. In addition, the parents will be very accommodating to give assistance financially. Having their children admitted to these prestigious schools, is also a pride for them.

Once these students are admitted, they are already one step ahead to become successful. Their future has already carved a niche in the career world.