Costs and Benefits of Studying in the UK

When studying, you might want to see the world. Depending on where you live, you could feel the need to study outside of the country. You could pick the United Kingdom aka Great Britain as a place to study. However, studying abroad let alone in Great Britain can get expensive. But, there are benefits to studying in Great Britain. So far, you have to decide which is greater: the costs or the benefits? Think of the costs as an investment for your future. At the same time, think about the possibility of the returns on your investment. For the most part, you will be investing much money in studying in the the UK.

The obvious cost of studying in the UK is the tuition. In most cases, tuition will be the biggest cost that international students will have to pay. For what an American student would have to pay in the UK, for each year, s/he could get two or three years back home. Keep in mind that the British Pound is the strongest currency in the world right now. Think about what kind of degree you wish to pursue. That will determine the length of your stay and how much you have to pay altogether. Do your best to find programs that offer financial assistance to you.

For your classes, you have to put money aside for your books and supplies. To save money and space, utilize a smart phone or tablet PC and download electronic versions of your books.

Asides from the tuition, there are the costs of room and boarding. You can choose to live in a college dormitory or in your own apartment. If you have relatives that live near the college, you can make arrangements to stay with them. Think about the cost of food as well.

For such reasons, you may want to find reliable roommates as a means to split the rent and utilities. However, that is easier said than done. You have to screen your living mates carefully. If not, this could end up becoming another cost. There are stories in which unreliable roommates end up stealing from other people.

Then, there are other costs you have to consider. The  International Student website gives a detailed list of other costs you have to consider. One such example would be a landline telephone; however, you can simply communicate with your mobile phone. The mobile phone plans are considered one of the costs.

If you are getting your own place, while staying to study, you will have to get an Internet connection which will cost you money.

You have your utility bills which would be your water, gas, and electric. That is something you have to carefully consider.

There is the money aside needed for travel. In the city areas, you have to carefully consider the costs of transportation. You may want to invest in a travel card that can be used for the subways and buses.

Finally, there is the cost of entertainment. You can look online to find free events instead of having to pay for entertainment.

The website called UK Studentlife says that you could work part-time provided that you are a full-time student. In that case, you can work up to twenty hours per week.

The costs of studying in the UK can get pretty expensive. If you are from a financially well-off family, that may or may not be a concern. However, an education in the UK will net you benefits depending on what fields of study you want to go into.

Peterkins Educational Solutions explains that an education in the UK is recognized and respected across the world. In this respect, this is handy for finding work in North America, Asia, Africa, Europe, and so forth.

A blog called “My Life in Cardiff” explains that you get your bachelor’s degree in three year. That means you can get into the job field in a shorter amount of time. For medical treatment, the National Health Service provides it for free. Provided that you have good test scores, there are plenty of scholarships available.

The benefits can be considered great; but, think carefully of what field you want to go into. Carefully consider what you plan on majoring in and where you want to find work.