Courses taken Creative Writers

The most common courses that are often taken by creative writing majors are; fiction writing, poetry, plays, creative non-fiction, script writing, short story writing and song writing. All these forms of creative writing delve on training the writers to express their ideas, mostly in an imaginative manner, but also outside the restrictive guidelines of formal writing.

Fiction Writing

Fiction is the opposite of fact. Fiction writing dwells on writing out of imagination. It is the conveying of a story from an author’s point of view based on events that did not happen in authenticity. Novels are an example of fictional writing where the author’s main point of writing is to entertain. This course on creative writing is important since it helps the writers to develop a sense of character development. In order to develop a story that captures a reader’s imagination, the writer must also learn how to be crafty.


Poetry is the usage of words to compose narratives that express the writer’s feelings in a musical or charming manner. Creative writers are taught how to use different stylistic elements to achieve an end product that conveys a certain message. There are different types of poetry and each can be used to get a different interpretation of the message.


A play is a dialogue written for theatrical performances. Creative writers are taught how to be playwrights in order to script dialogues and develop characters to engage in the dialogue. Plays are written to be performed and so the course could include work on designing theatrical performance.

Creative Non-fiction

It involves an interpretation of factual events. Non-fiction writing entails reporting events as they happened or to the best of the writer’s knowledge. Non-fiction is the most common from of creative writing since it involves conversing with the readers by informing them. Creative writers are able to distinguish fiction from non-fiction and are able to know the guiding principles of each.


This is simply writing for the mass media. It is mainly synonymous with writing for television programs. Screenwriters, as they are commonly known, are writers who practice writing for television. Although it is a course taught to creative writers, it is best learned through hands-on practice. Here, experience is the best teacher.

Short stories

A short story is a story that is straight to the point as opposed to formulating a plot that lengthens the work of fiction. This form of writing is specialized because short stories vary according to the intended market. It is the longest course a creative writer can take but also the most profitable, if the writer is into making money through his work. There are no fixed guidelines in writing short stories.

Song Writing

It is the art of writing songs. In the modern world, singers are not necessarily the writers or composers of their songs. They instead hire the services of trained song writers. Song writing is a relatively new course in creative writing. However, song writers are in high demand and this is good news to creative writing Majors.