Dat Dental School Master the Dat Destroyer

The Dental Admissions Test is one of the scariest things when it comes to starting off your dental career. Any dental students dream begins with mastering the DAT. There are countless resources out there that if one could memorize all of it, the DAT would be a piece of cake. But not all of us have the time or motivation to memorize five biology textbooks. And the truth of the matter is – it is totally unnecessary. What most people don’t realize is that it’s not about the memorization skills, it’s mainly about the motivation. One must have the will power to sit for a month and study for 12 to 14 hours a day and if he does – he can master the DAT.  Here is my version of a month full of hard work which surely pays off in the end.

Starting with a biology review, the Cliffs AP Bio book is crucial. Reading it at least two times will give you everything you need to know on the Biology Section. To make sure you understand everything, do all the questions for each chapter in the Campbell’s Biology Textbook. The questions are very random and this book will give you an idea on the random/detailed questions you will be asked.

For the General Chemistry and Organic Chemistry sections, everyone starts off on a different level. Depending on that level, some may need to do more review than others. After a full review on these subjects the best resource is the Destroyer. This book throws all the random questions at you and the test itself is almost straight from this book.

For the Qualitative Reasoning and Reading Comprehension Sections its all very basic. Math Destroyer is by far the best practice for the math section, if you know all 10 tests you should have no problem on the actual exam. The best practice for the reading section is any SAT book, like I said its very basic.

The Perceptual Ability Test is all about practice. Even for those who do not have the 3D abilities, this part of the exam is just about building that. The more you practice, the better able you become to see these things. Before you know it you’ll be seeing everything in 3D. Crack DAT PAT is the only thing you need for this section.

So there you have it, 12 hours a day for a month, using all these resources will give you the score you want. Don’t waste your time with all the other ones out there, they are just not as specific. It is all about motivation, dedication and consistency.