Deciding if a Business Degree is right for you

Business degrees are fun and general, however, depending on your end game it might not be the best degree for you.

1.) Depends on your School: If you are attending a Med School which focuses mainly on medicine and science, it is generally not a good school for a business degree. You should research your colleges array of classes offered. If it does not have a very good business degree plan, there are alternatives without transferring to a new school. For example, if you want a business degree and do well in math, look in Economics. It is a harder degree and respected in the business world. Or maybe international business or accounting. They are all business related majors with a slightly different emphasis.

2.) Do you plan on obtaining an MBA? If you plan on going further with your education, you can focus your bachelors degree on something else. For example, if you obtain a linguistics degree with a minor in business you will be well suited to get an MBA and when you go apply for a job in the “real world” they will see that you are multi-talented. Especially when the new business world is branching out Internationally. Basically, get complementing degrees if you plan to receive a Masters in Business.

3.) Are you just getting this degree to have it? If so, make sure you are having fun while doing it. If not switch your emphasis. A business degree is not specified and therefore can hurt your potential to obtain a job. Do you enjoy technology?, Health care? Art? and want to get into business in these industries? Then focus you degree on such. Economics and Business colleges both offer classes in health care, and technology. However, you might want to take some biology and med school courses. If you want to enter the Art arena, get a general degree with a minor in business and art. Do not just get a degree to have one – because when you graduate you will find you are not suited for anything and will need to learn many more things to be ready for a job.

4.) Marketing & Management? If you would like to be a manager or work in the marketing world, a business degree is not always the right answer. There are specific certificates and classes in management, there is a degree in marketing which is very similar to business.

We never know what we are entering when we go to college, no matter what our friends and family say. You need to be proactive and ready to learn everything. Choose a degree for your first few semesters, but keep your mind open and explore your options during your first year. You might find that marketing is your cup of tea or maybe economics? You will never know until you take a class or sit in a seminar.

If you do not intend on shooting for an MBA and enjoy a business degree, the last and most important suggestion is as follows: obtain a PMI (A Project Management Certificate) and take as many management courses as possible. During summer and breaks get jobs in management related capacities. This will enable you to get a higher paying job because you will have the certifications, experience and drive.