Deciding if a Business Degree is right for you

A Business degree is one of the most adaptable educations out there. Sadly a lot of people believe they must be mathematically inclined to pursue a business degree, and while math skills are important, a business degree can be so much more.

One of the most popular degrees on the market, the Business degree also offers a wide variety of majors. Almost every University in the US offers some form of either Associates or Bachelors Business degree, with new majors being offered each year.

How do you know if a Business degree is right for you?

If you have moderate to strong mathematics skills, you may find you benefit from studying finance or accounting. Have good people skills? A major in Human Resources could be right up your alley. Want to start your own business? Then a business degree in e-commerce may be just what you need. The choices go on and on.

Understanding what’s involved in a Bachelor degree of Business.

A Bachelor of Business in any major is usually a four year program. Applicants would be well advised to choose a degree that offers some form of Capstone, or internship component, where a student can get real world experience. Of course, any potential business student who is unsure of whether or not they wish to pursue a full four years of business can study for an Associates degree instead. An Associates degree in Business will provide a general education in Business without the major and generally accounts for the first two years of a Bachelor degree in Business.

How a Business degree is conducted.

The first two years of a Bachelors degree in Business usually are comprised of core courses, electives. Core courses are the same for all Business students and are generally composed of Business studies, Accounting, Communication, Business Mathematics, Human Resources and Economics. Electives are chosen from available Arts and Science courses. In the 3rd year students choose their majors for the final two years of the Business degree.

Available Bachelor of Business majors.
Business Administration
Business Management
E-Business Management
Human Resource Management
Information Technology Management
International Business
Marketing Management

Of course depending on the Academic Institution other majors may be offered.

Of the people who graduate from a Bachelor of Business, about 10-15 percent go on to pursue an MBA. The great thing about pursuing an MBA, is that you can have majored in any area of Business, without enrollment restrictions.