Deciding if a Business Degree is right for you

Having a business degree will open doors of opportunity that otherwise would remain shut. But having a business degree may not be for everyone. So before you start filling out your college entrance application run through this checklist to determine if a business degree is right for you.

What are your future plans?

Five years from now where do you want to be? What do you see yourself doing? What are your goals? Once you get an idea of what your goals are then ask yourself “How will getting a Business Degree help me get there?” The answers to that question will help clarify whether a business degree is what you need. It may be that your goals won’t require a business degree at all. Setting your goals first will help decide if pursuing a business degree should be a part of your plans. You can be successful without a business degree. Let your goals determine if a business degree is right for you.

What do you enjoy doing?

The better you know yourself the clearer your decision to pursue a business degree will be. You need to know what you like doing and your skills. There’s a couple of ways you can do this. One is to simply list on paper what activities you enjoy doing. Something as simple as “shopping” on your list could lead you to a business degree. Retail companies need merchandise buyers, for example, so being a good shopper is a marketable skill. Don’t leave anything out on your list. You’ll learn a lot about yourself that’ll help you in your decision-making. The second method you can use is to take a skills assessment test. You can find these tests online by typing “skills assessment” in any search engine. It will pull a number of sites that offer skill assessments. The second method is contacting your local college and talk to a career counselor to set up similar testing. They can help evaluate your skills and suggest if a business degree will help support your skills.

Ask around.

Connect with your network of friends and family and see who has a business degree. Call them and ask for a few minutes of their time to discuss how they decided to pursue a business degree and how has it helped them in their careers. You’ll get real world information that will help in your decision-making. Again contact a career counselor at your local college and ask their advice. They are there to help students with career planning decisions. If you don’t have any contacts of your own your career counselor may also help you network with local businesses in setting up career interviews.

These three steps are simple to do. They’ll give you the information you’ll need to make an objective decision. Business is a dynamic always-changing environment of people, processes and products. The marketing department creates new ideas to sell. The sales department hits the street winning new customers. The Human Resource department manages the recruiting of new talent and the development of employees. Managers direct the flow of activity and the CEO sets the direction of the company. If you feel a sense of excitement and can see yourself in any of these roles then a business degree may be right for you!