Deciding if a Business Degree is right for you

What makes business degrees so popular? They can provide you with a safe yet flexible career path, they can be applied to any industry, and the requirements to get the degree will give you a good overview of the different facets of a company. But like any area of study, some people are better suited than others to pursue a business degree. How can you tell if business is a good fit for you?

A good way to start is by researching the requirements for the degree. Do the class options interest you? Most business programs offer specific areas of focus, such as Accounting, Marketing, or Economics. While you might go into the program with some idea of which major you’d like to pursue, be sure to leave yourself open to persuasion. Maybe you think you want to go into Marketing but when you least expect it you’ll fall in love with your introductory Finance classes.

You should also think about your career options. It’s good to have a basic idea of how you intend to put your business degree to use. A business degree can be used in a variety of positions, but as you prepare to enter the working world, it can help to look into whether, for example, a for-profit or non-profit organization is more your cup of tea. You’ll want to keep your options open, but if you have some sort of goal in mind, it can help guide your studies as well as your entry-level work experience.

One way to explore your options is to set up a day of “shadowing” a business worker at a local company. Be sure to ask plenty of questions so that you get the perspective of someone who is out there in the working world every day. If you’re able to, try applying for an internship at a company so that you can learn firsthand about how the principles of business apply outside of the classroom.

When deciding whether a business degree is right for you, you have to balance your interest in the class materials with their real-world application. Keep in mind that a business degree is practical to have because it can open a lot of doors for you when you enter the job search arena, and once you earn the degree, it’s yours for life. You can easily couple it with a minor or even another major area of study, which can make your educational background especially compelling to prospective employers. But in the end only you can determine if it’s a right fit for your path.