Deciding if a Degree in Design is right for you

If you are creative individual with an eye for great aesthetics and an understanding of design theory then a degree in design is for you. Be aware that design majors toil over their creations for hours on end to create the perfect presentation of their designs. It is not a major for someone who spends little time on their schoolwork and it is not a major for someone who likes assignments with clear cut boundaries and criteria.

Visual and graphic design are the most common areas of design that students pursue. In today’s world an advanced knowledge of computers and advanced computer software is required in order to excel in this field. Visual and graphic design majors often need to adapt their flowing artistic abilities occasionally for more formal presentations such as work for advertising and commercial uses. The job market demands an artistic and creative individual who can meet deadlines and produce work that is unique yet accessible enough to the average person.

Architectural design is another field within design and like visual design it requires a great ability to see the aesthetic value in all things and turn this understanding into a tangible work of art. For architectural design this creativity must run together with functionality so that one can design functioning, habitable works of art that also happen to be buildings used everyday.

These are just two areas of design; obviously areas such as car design, aerodynamic design, and computer design exist as well but those areas require a more rounded student who is not only creative but has a firm understanding of mathematics, physics, and programming. All aspects of design degrees are both challenging and stimulating; they are for truly motivated and dedicated students.