Deciding if a Degree in Education is right for you

Choosing any direction for a degree must be made with the end result in mind. Every career choice is better if you prepare with success in mind. Success means different things to every professional. Some may enter it because they love the field. Others choose their field as a way to financial gains. While another person may head down a path desiring fame and power.

Unfortunately, too many enter teaching with the lure of steady employment and relative ease to change locations. This coupled with moderately good pay and generous time off seems too much to pass up. These people figure that they can use the excess time away from work to develop income sources to offset the lack of huge pay raises and promotions.

Without a love for teaching and students, most of these educators will burn out and move on to another field. Those who don’t will become the difficult shills who masquerade as teachers while despising the students and hating their profession. They become the bane of parents and other educators.

Before pursuing a career in education, find a way to determine if the classroom environment is right for you and at what level. I personally do not think teaching below high school level would be enjoyable for me. College or university level would even be better. Some think that being surrounding by adoring masses of small children is the best job in the world.

The education degree that you seek should be in a field that has interest for you even without the education side included. You don’t want to prepare yourself to be a history teacher if history makes you fall asleep. In elementary education, this is not often something to be concerned about. However, from middle school upward, you have a discipline attached to your education degree. This should be a field that you would like to be involved with if you were not teaching. Realize that you may choose to do that if teaching does not prove to be a satisfying career choice.

You have to be willing to learn your craft. For most people, teaching is not automatic. A person has to develop their own style of presentation and classroom demeanor. Some can use humor and get many points across. Others need a more disciplined and serious approach to academics. Before entering the educational degree pursuit, try to realize that your real teaching education begins in your first classroom with students in front of you.

Your education degree gives you knowledge of your field. It should provide you with hints and guidelines to make orientation to a teaching environment less of a challenge. It cannot make you a good teacher. To achieve that, you have to love to teach. You must be able to derive a measure of joy from seeing information be integrated into the knowledge base and life of a student.