Deciding if a Degree in Education is right for you

Are you trying to decide if a degree in Education is right for you? This article will provide some guidance on the key question that you should ask before making the final determination to go into teaching.

It is important to note that there are people who believe that getting a degree in Education is easy, and furthermore that anybody can teach. As a former teacher, I can say that getting the proper education to prepare you for teaching is not easy. Of course, there are those individuals who find scholastic endeavours to be relatively easy and would not think that getting a degree in Education could be difficult.

Now to address the old adage “those can, do and those who can’t teach”, it is simply a myth. Possessing knowledge or skill does not necessarily translate into being able to communicate the knowledge or skills to others in an effective manner.

Remember that you will be working with your fellow students in the typical scholastic setting that you have experienced in high school, and you will also have to work in the role of teacher in the peer-teaching exercises. If you do not like people, this can be particularly difficult. Those individuals who are shy need not be worried that they will be unable to complete a degree in Education; some of the best teachers are shy.

How do I decide if a degree in Education is right for me? It is very important to know what you want from the degree. Remember to record your answers on paper (or computer) and answer the questions honestly. This information is for your use only and will help you to recall the reasons for the decisions you make.


1. Am I taking this degree so that I will be able to teach in an elementary, middle/junior high, or high school?

2. Am I taking this degree so that I can teach English-as-a-Second Language (ESL)?

3. Do I want to have this degree so that I can go into the field of Adult Education?

4. Is the Field of Distance Education the reason I want an Education Degree?

5. Am I taking this degree because I don’t know what else to take?

6. Is somebody trying to push me into the field of Education?


1. Do I like psychology? Note: Education degrees do require a fairly large component of psychology as the foundation for how people learn, and how people get along in a group setting.

2. Do I like working within team settings? Many of the projects undertaken will be in teams and will require you working with people from a wide array of socio-economic backgrounds.

3. Do I like to do a lot of reading? Depending on what your major/minor is, the reading loads can exceed those belonging to individuals taking a Bachelor of Arts.

4. How do I like being evaluated? If you like being graded on written work, but not on presentations, this may not be a good fit for you. Remember that you will be teaching with another teacher(s) in the room for part of your training.

5. Is there another field that is drawing my interest? Does this field have any link to the Education field?

6. Have you done any career or vocational testing? This can be an important tool to completing your evaluation of any degree program.

When you decide to enrol in Education, remember that even if you do not end up teaching in a classroom education is never wasted. The business world is filled with competent teachers who have made inroads into a myriad of careers.