Deciding if a Degree in Education is right for you

A degree in education can only be right for you if you are right for the profession. The desire to nurture and teach children must be natural to you, or you may regret having ever made the choice.

Sometimes we know what we like, and usually know what we want. We might enjoy greatly showing a child how to do something, and jump to the conclusion that we have found our calling. However, a room of 25 children with some misbehaving is another matter. Patience is a must.

Many educators manage the classroom setting just fine, and greatly enjoy the teaching aspect. The headache can begin when the necessary paperwork has to be done. The burden of this work destroys the will to teach for some, otherwise, happy educators.

Another aspect of education is the nature of the workplace. It is invariably a typical bureaucracy. A multitude of rules and regulations must be conformed to, and there is very little flexibility. Sometimes, what should be so simple to change is nearly impossible. Such is a bureaucracy.

The financial future in the field of education is predictable, and not among the higher paid. The security is great, but the income is not. If your financial ambition is not in line with the reality of the profession, it is hard to be happy.

All of the above being said, education is a wonderful profession. The rewards are high for those who are truly responding to a need to nurture and teach children. Monitoring classes of the grade level that interests you in the field of education would be a great idea. Input from dedicated teachers would impart so much more than articles written on the subject.

Whatever you do as a career choice must give you an inner satisfaction that only you will be able to quantify. If you search diligently, and follow your intuition, your search will probably bear fruit. I wish you the best of luck.