Deciding if a Degree in Education is right for you

A degree in education is different than any other degree out there that exist. Dealing with children for 9 hours a day, five days a week, is not a job that most people are cut out for. Now someone might say “Oh I’m great with my children.” That says nothing about how cut out you are for being a teacher. A teacher has to deal with 40 kids that are not his or her own, and grounding is not a punishment a teacher can use.

The number one thing you need is patience. Working with little kids is rarely easy, especially to start out with. They are loud, annoying, obnoxious and that;s on a good day. You need a lot of patience to deal with little kids, and at times you can feel like ripping your hair out but you can always get through it.

Most people feel like they want to be teachers just because that’s the only job they’ve seen growing up. There are many jobs out there that many people don’t know about that pay really well. Don’t feel pressured into becoming a teacher because its the only thing you know how to do. You’ll learn how to do other things well sooner or later.

Also the word overtime is in the job description of a teacher Unlike a student, your job does not end at the last bell. You have papers to grade, and kids to tutor after school. So if you don’t like working overtime then becoming a teacher is not the right job for you.

Up until now I’ve only talked about the bad things that come with being a teacher, but being a teacher does have its upside. I am a kids basketball coach, not even close to the level of a teacher but I know the satisfaction of knowing you’ve made a difference in a little kid’s life. Knowing that you taught them things that you will never forget.

If you honestly like working with little kids, you feel like you get along with them better than most people do, and you want to teach them things, then being a teacher and getting a degree in education is right for you.

Getting a degree in education will be like no other job in the entire world, but if you are the person for it, it will be more rewarding than any other job in the entire world.