Deciding whether Parents or Children should Pay for College

Children should pay for college. Every child who reads this will groan and parents may applaud.

I am the third child on a family of three. With there first child, my parents paid for everything and sent him with a new car to the college of his choice. Child number two was only one year behind number one and she was sent off in much the same way. Shortly after child one arrived at college, child two was calling from Jail needing to be bailed out for underage drinking and driving. Well Mom and Pop paid for everything and for a sort while even made child one and two share a car. But then the school called. Child two was being kicked out because she never attended a single class.

Child two eventually went to another college and this meant they had to buy another new car for child one. Meanwhile, child three, that would be me is about to leave and a big decision is made. No car for child three. Maybe she will study. Well I did study and went to the school of my choice on scholarship for the first year. But things continued to get worse for child one and child two. Child two was on her fourth college and child one was now 21 and working on his 3rd DUI. Daddy was still paying there way for everything.

As my second year of college approached. I had worked and gotten myself a car. I was also still on partial scholarship and was managing a job and staying on the presidents list. I worked and I cared. My parents couldn’t send me any money they said but they could sure afford to support the other two.

How does this end, I will tell you. Child one graduated and same year that I did. Has never had a full time job or even a part time one that lasted more than six months. He is 38. Child two is 36 and has never finished college and isn’t able to support herself. Both of them still live at home.

I am 33. I have an MBA and yes I support myself and with my husband, have our own home. Yes I had student loan payments. Yes I was mad at my parents for not supporting me. Now I know that I am better off. I live in the state of Georgia and my children can go to a public college for free if they have a B average. I am hoping that is the road they will take, but whatever road they take emotional support will be offered. Emergency financial support will be available. But they also know that Momma doesn’t pay bail and they are responsible for learning to support themselves. I hope they will be better off for it.