Decor Budget College

College students are strapped for cash as it is. It could be equally said of the parents paying for the college education. One thing every college student wants is a stylish dorm room. It is their place away from home, not to mention their first own personal space outside of their parents’ house. Everyone is looking to save a buck or two, but we don’t want to sacrifice style in order to do it. Some simple design solutions that won’t break the bank are just what you need.

The first creative design solution you can incorporate is checking what’s already in your closets. See if your parents have any decorative things they are willing to part with. This not only is cheap, but will remind you of home. Maybe that will help to combat that homesickness at the beginning. Now just because it is familiar to you, as in being something already in your closet doesn’t mean you can’t change it up. Buy a can of spray paint, usually costs around two dollars, and make it your own new creation, just by adding a neon pink or jet blue color to a piece can totally transform it. You can re-use items such as picture frames, vases, lamps, furniture, sheets, curtains, curtain rods, mirrors, rugs, and more.

For wall art, try gathering a bunch of random picture frames, ones you already own or from a local thrift store, and paint them all the same color, or in a scheme of colors. Then you can purchase fabric from the fabric store and staple it to the inside. Hang these on the wall for a modern art collage. You can also put elements from nature inside the frames. I have seen where a simple leaf can make a dramatic statement. Another way to go would be to look for an old piece of recycled lattice. You can paint it and cover a large portion of a wall. You could even place strips of fabric through the slots to make for more an even more dramatic effect. Since you can’t typically paint the walls try putting up curtains along the wall to add color.

Local thrift stores are a great place to find cheap furniture. You may find an end table that you can spray paint and change the hardware, and it will fit perfectly into your decorating scheme. Try to be creative in your approach to your design. If you are a movie lover, frame some posters that advertise new movies. A lot of theaters will be happy to assist you in getting these. If you adore skateboarding, try hanging some old decks on the wall. Are you into photography? Try your own hand at taking some photos and having them enlarged at your local picture printing place.

Whatever decor you decide on there are usually cheap routes to achieve the look. Be creative and open to ideas, and you are sure to find something that works for both you and your budget.