Degree in Computers or Information Technology is right

Many people choose to get a degree in the technology field because they have been told there is big money to make in a tech job. That may be true but it depends largely on the individual. If you are just starting out in college or university and want to know if this would be the right kind of work for you there are some decisions you must make.

First go to the Technology department; pick up a degree plan from their office and look over the classes that are required. If you come across some classes that you are not clear on make an appointment with a professor, the dean or if available a student worker in that degree program. Get as much information as possible to make a choice about if you are able to handle the program. If you do choose to study in the IT field find out which area you would like to work (Mainframe programming, LAN work, Networking, web development, Infrastructure).

Next before getting to deep into the studies of the IT degree program I would suggest asking about an internship in your field of study to get some real life experience. This will better help you to choose to either continue in the IT program or consider something else in the IT degree program or even a different degree program entirely. Some students I know have combined RPG programming with web development making it possible for them to work in several non-IT workplaces.

I myself choose the computer science and IT degree plan not for the money but for my love of computers. I have a minor in Information Technology and presently studying for a degree in Web development. I started a part-time job my junior year in college working as a LAN technician for a state department. This help me narrow down my interest so I could develop a degree plan that would help me gain the knowledge I needed for the IT career I wanted to have. Even though I don’t have the coveted BS degree I do have 8 years experience and a few certifications. I know that if I want to be in management or any position above manager I will need to have my degree.

There are lots of jobs available for people with IT skills but I would advise you to develop other skills that would assist you in landing these jobs. Take language, math and some business course. I have a friend who does contract work at different law firms setting up programs for converting documentation and live online conferences into 3 different languages.

If working with computers is what you choose make sure you customize the knowledge you gain to work for you.