Degrees and Certificates you can get really Fast

In today’s article, we are going to discuss degrees and certificates that you can get “really fast”. This allows you to jump into a career in less than two years and make a decent amount of money so that you can be employed. The following careers are not the only careers that you can get “really fast” but they are the careers that you can get “really fast” and that are in high demand. High demand, just means that there is a large need for people with these degrees and/or certificates. 

1. Veterinarian Technician

This is typically an 18 month program or a 2 year program. This career is in high demand. You will be assisting the veterinarian and be able to help animals. You cannot go any higher than these programs.

There are only veterinarians and veterinarian technicians in the vet world so those are the two things that you can be. If you want to be more than a veterinary technician, you will need to become a veterinarian and attend school for eight years. This will NOT be “really fast”.

2. Hair Stylist/Nails

This is also typically an 18 month program or a 2 year program. You will be working with hair and nails most likely and depending upon your school, you may be working with waxing or massages as well.

Beauty school, as it is so often called, is fairly easy to be accepted to and does not cost as much as many other kinds of schooling. It is best when you work hard though because the school is “training-based”. 

3. Dental Hygienist

This program is typically a two year program although it could be a four year program depending on how long you would like to go to school. Most dental hygienists have only an associate’s degree (2 yr. degree) but some do get a bachelor’s degree (4 yr. degree). Typically, you will not actually get paid any more money if you have a Bachelor’s degree.

The only reason to have a Bachelor’s degree is if you’d like to teach at a dental hygienist school. In this instance, it would be wise for you to have the most knowledge possible and that requires a Bachelor’s degree. 

I hope that this article helped you learn more about three careers that are currently in “high demand” as well as have degrees and/or certificates that you can obtain “really fast”.