Determining whether Parents or Children should Pay for College

I will be the first to admit that I have had it good all of my life. My parents took us on vacations all the time; i got a junker car for my sixteenth birthday to experience all the tickets and wrecks one could manage with. my parents were supportive of my cheerleading, drama, newspaper editing, trumpet playing, sterling scholar and internships- many of which they backed me financially in, and i assure you it wasn’t cheap! i was always encourage to go after what i wanted, and because of that i experienced many, many wonderful things in my school years.
However, I was NOT one of the kids who recieved treats or payment for good grades. My parents were very proud of me for my good grades, but other than their enthusiasm, i recieved no payment. i was always told that my schooling was for ME. If i messed around and got bad grades, it was my butt that would pay; not theirs. I was told at a young age that i would be responsible for funding my college, and this always pushed me to do well in school, no matter how many extracurriculars i had going on. I also had a part-time job from the time i was fifteen. Though my parents bought my car and paid for my insurance, i was in charge of paying for gas, lunches, movies and the teenage extras we all have.
upon graduation i recieved an excellent scholarship and am now attending college to become a travel agent. i pay for my rent, gas, student fees, books, food and everything except my insurance with a full time job. i never feel cheated by my parents not paying for my schooling; on the contrary, i feel that they gave me a precious gift by showing me what it means to work and allowing me the pride one feels when they accomplish something for and by themselves.
i still go on vacations with my parents. i live seven hours away from home and rarely visit, but when i do i go home and swim in our pool, go ride our 4- wheelers, camp in our new toy hauler and accompany my family on cruises and camping trips. My parents could have afforded to spoil me in every way, and i think a part of them wanted to. I am spoiled, but in a different way than having every material desire at the snap of a finger: I am spoiled by the love and support of parents who are proud of me and know that their child is an adult who is capable of making it on her own. I am accomplishing something that neither of my parents did: going to college. And you know what? As i sit writing this, after an eight hour graveyard shift and preparing for a class in a few hours, i feel great.