Difference between Sat and Act

If you are a teen attempting to head into any higher institution of learning you will be well aware of the terms “SAT” and “ACT”. But will you be informed about them? The SAT (or the SAT Reasoning Test) was founded in 1901 and is ran by the College Board, a site many college bound teens are familiar with due to its listing of all American institutions, info about them, and other helpful things such as calendars to help high schoolers. The ACT (or American College Testing) was first handed out in 1959 to give the SAT a competitor test. Since then, it has grown to found ACT Inc., which is a non-profit organization that oversees the test’s administration.

The SAT consists of three parts: Math, Critical Reading, and Writing which take up 800 points each. Generally, colleges have not included the Writing portion in their calculation. Hence, most universities choose to take the ‘1600 Scale’ instead of the ‘2400 Scale’. An average score would equal roughly 1017 (for the 1600 Scale) and 1510 (in the 2400 Scale).

The ACT, on the other hand, has four parts: English, Math, Science, and Reading. You will receive different scores in the ACT, but the only important one is the composite score. Your composite score can reach up to 36, while the average test taker pulls off a 20/21.

Traditionally, the ACT was used to measure the middle of the country (Midwest and South) while the SAT was used to measure students on the coasts (East and West Coast). Today, that is no longer the case as high schoolers in California take the ACT and students from Georgia take the SAT. Nonetheless, graphs still indicate that those regional barriers are erect to this day, de facto.

The SAT will highlight critical thinking, writing/reading, and English skills in general quite well. The ACT will tend to harp on your abilities to memorize facts, utilize information, and your comprehension of the sciences. While more freethinkers tend to flourish on the SAT, and logical people on the ACT, that does not mean that you could not do well on either or. Feel free to give both a try. The ACT is $32.00 (or $47.00 if you want to include writing, for those creative minds) and the SAT is a flat $45.00. Whichever you choose, good luck and study hard!


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