Disadvantages of Living at Home when Studying for a Degree

The main reasons why people choose to live at home when studying for a degree include that they can live there rent-free, they have someone to do their cooking and cleaning for them and it is generally more convenient. You don’t have to pack up your things to re-locate hundreds of miles away when you can just hop on a bus or a train and arrive at university twenty minutes later. However, there are a number of drawbacks associated with living at home, as well, which is why many students are reluctant to live at home, despite the fact they could save themselves some money.

Living away from home gives you the chance to experience freedom for the first time, as you don’t have anyone telling you what to do. If you want to stay up all night watching horror films or getting drunk you can, even though this kind of behaviour won’t exactly help you with your studies! Usually, going to university is the first opportunity you have to experience living independently; controlling what you eat and how you spend your time and it makes you feel like a proper grown-up.

However, when you live at home whilst studying for a degree you’re basically carrying on where you left off when you were at high school. You still have a similar routine involving doing chores, walking down the same streets, doing the same part-time job, meeting the same old people. The only difference is that instead of spending most of your time at school you spend it at university.

When you live at home, rather than on campus, it is harder to participate in the social activities and make the most of university life. If you travel by bus or train you obviously have to get home by a certain time – before the last bus or train goes – and so you don’t have as much flexibility in your schedule. It might be a bit of hassle going into university if you have a considerable way to travel and so you could find that you only ever attend university when you have lectures to go to or you need to get some books from the library.

Studying for a degree will obviously increase your knowledge and benefit your career prospects, but living away from home is part of the fun of it all. When you live at home you tend to miss out on quite a lot of student life, but you may not be aware of what exactly it is you’re missing out on and so it is unlikely to bother you. Clearly, your studies should come first, anyway, so perhaps it doesn’t really matter all that much.