Do Grades Matter why Grades don’t Matter

The phrase book smart street dumb comes to mind. Some people can get straight A’s yet never be able to carry on a personable conversation or in some cases apply the material to the real world. It’s a process of memorization and regurgitation. Grades really do mean nothing these days. Rightfully so. The job market is highly competitive and only those competent enough to communicate effectively will succeed. When it comes to grades, fewer employers and universities really care. Sure, you can pull in some scholarships and grants with high grade performance, but don’t stop at an A. You need to learn social skills, personable skills, leadership skills, and technical skills, to be able to find work or pursue further education.

It can be a bit of a task to learn social skills. You might need to go out of your way to a Ginkgos coffee club or join a board game club on campus. You may think it’s crazy, but learning to hang out with friends, watch movies, and participate in on campus and off campus activities based off your interests is something that can be slapped down on resumes. It says to employers or prospective schools that you are going to be involved in the community and that you can also remain committed to something of your interest. It shows that you know how to relax and have fun as well. These types of events help you learn to joke, take things lightly, and keep tension down. No one likes a cranky person in a working or educational setting.

In clubs and student organizations there are many leadership roles that can be taken. If there is a club you want on campus, you can always make one and become a leader. Employers love original and innovative thinkers. If there is a gap in campus activities that needs to be filled, and you have the ambition to seek out the students to fill that in, you could have a C average in your classes and still be highly competitive. In the course of two to four years, there is no excuse to not have held a leadership role for at least one semester. There are always openings in many organizations at the start of every semester.  

It is in these clubs and organizations that you will also learn about technical skills. Some clubs and organizations could have special positions for graphic design, presentation building, blog maintenance, building a solid understanding of Microsoft word, photography, cinematography, etc. There are countless clubs with countless opportunities to learn specific skills that could prove highly competitive. If you have a C average, but can manage social media and know the skills to shoot, edit, and upload YouTube Videos, or know how to put together a presentation, or can create top of the line graphic images that effectively communicate information, you’re more hirable than that condescending nerd with straight A’s and no communication skills. Not that they can’t be successful. But it gives you the upper hand.

Grades aren’t everything for giving you an upper hand on education and employment. Some people can have straight A’s in psychology, but if that can’t apply the concepts they learned in real life, what’s the use of having an A? Life should be realistic. Get out and have some fun and learn the most important skills necessary for success. Those being the personable skills by participating in activities listed above. This will be sure to help you reach your goals and score you employment or acceptance to the school of your dreams.