Do Older Students get more out of their College Education – Yes

An older student might be a little wiser and a lot less influenced by their limited peer groups to attend all of the college activities, such as foot ball games, partying with friends at a moments notice and flirting with their new found independence. The older students get more out of their college education, because the value of an education is well known to them. This may be a return to school for a college drop out from the past decade or so. More than likely, they fully understand a degree may propel them forward in their chosen careers.

Maturity in a older student, may lead them to evaluate the current economy,with an understanding that the job market is quickly closing to people without a college degree. Much older students, may have already started careers and have practical application in their chosen fields of study. For an example, the study of child development in the field of Psychology may reveal a mother of three may have practical knowledge of the phases of early childhood development. An older student, can enhance upon their practical knowledge with this new knowledge found in their college textbooks, lectures and the class room setting.

College is the best networking opportunity for any age group. An older student is more apt to take advantage of these positive networking opportunities,by attending classes on a college campus. An older student, may have already had the opportunity to travel and meet students from diverse cultures. This would be a big plus for a student studying Sociology or International Affairs. 

The opportunities are endless for a much older student. A college education offers an opportunity for older students to stay in the loop and stay current with the latest technology. Wisdom and knowledge are a powerful combination. Now, who would dare argue with that?  Continuing a college education is a confidence booster for the older students.

A freshmen, right out of high school may not take advantage of this great opportunity with the diligence and persistence of an older student. Some graduating high school seniors may even see college as a continuation of their high school years. In essence, they may not take this valuable opportunity as serious as an older student in their early twenties, thirties, middle age and beyond. 

For the seniors, college offers an opportunity to continue to stimulate their most vital organ, the human brain. A daily regimen of reading and studying is essential in promoting healthy brain activity. A wide variety of studies have shown this scientific study to be factual.