Do Older Students get more out of their College Education – Yes

Older students who either return to college or enroll at a later time than what typically immediately follows high school will almost always get more out of their education. One reason adults make the decision to attend college is to further their current career or to change it completely. The older student is serious about acquiring a good education and maintaining good grades; even if he or she barely graduated from high school by the skin of their teeth. He or she has become more mature and hence is ready to buckle down with studying.

On the other hand many, if not most, of those who enter colleges and universities directly upon completing high school have two priorities. In no particular order, these are as follows: partying and getting laid. This was true 30 years ago and remains so today. College is their first life-experience away from the comparitive confines of home. Mom and Dad are no longer under the same roof, and so going off to school serves as a rite of passage into independence. It represents their first taste of freedom.

These individuals are often too immature to fathom the consequences of their actions.They will skirt by with a mediocre grade point average at best because the are too hung over to make that 8:00 AM class. If there is a big party scheduled at someone’s residence, this will take precedence. For those who have reached their 21st birthday, it becomes even worse as they spend as many nights as possible drinking in the bars until closing time. Shortly after that last call for alcohol, these people can be seen on an almost nightly basis staggering either home or to any place that serves food 24 hours a day arm-in-arm with whoever will be sharing their bed within the hour. Of course this is fun, but such activity night after night surely has to take a toll on their education.

Put simply, older students in their 30’s and beyond have already passed this stage of sowing their wild oats. They have attained more wisdom and are ready to take their educational experience seriously. Maturity has a way of making one set sensible priorities. Moreover, an older person’s work ethic will be noticably higher. So is it safe to say that older students as a whole will get more out of a college education?

The answer is a definite yes.