Do you have to Attend University to get a Good Job

Business is booming in the education industry. Knowledge is the latest commodity of greatest value, beating out silver, gold, plutonium, even ethics. Nothing matters more that filling our skull-jugs full of heavy brain-juice so we can feel a little less touched by ignorance. Sure-shot moneymakers in this era are educational institutions that facilitate this need.

Without hesitation, the learning population will sign away their future to two gods: The School and the Bank. Us ignorant floaters tend to assume that these gods preach the betterment of man through education. This, like in any other business venture, is simply a sales tactic. Universities, Colleges and private seminars, all rely on their sales pitch. Today, they needn’t even attempt to spread the word, because getting an education’ is a staple ingrained into the brain of any child by their parents.

What these people are doing is setting up their way of life without getting a chance to decide how to live it. Life-paces have been increased to push people to accomplish their potential’. This is evident in the university regime on this island. Out port communities are sending their children to town in order to learn from these institutions, hoping that this extended knowledge will increase their quality of life. Little do parents know, that they are leaving the education of morals, ethics and piety to textbooks, hallways and rooms filled by the hundreds. An institution like a University is not a replacement to teach the foundations of livelihood. It is a place that teaches how to fit in to a particular market to make money. Everyone hopes to be changed after completing a degree, changed for the better. But watch as some of the kindest, most hospitable, most self-sacrificial people become a part of the hectic, hurried, self-absorbed masses out there. Education is a way of life, but so is institutionalization.

Few people register in an educational institution just for the experience. Most people don’t just take a class because it interests them, but a slew of courses, in a particular order and combination, which give some designation when completed. Essentially, the educational institution is a money-making business that people attend so they can make more money.

Some people don’t even know why they’re there. They just believe that going to university is the key to their lives being a success. Often the result ends up being the completion of an impractical degree, or the late realization that registration was indeed a mistake. The unfortunate matter is that both likely scenarios leave the individual with astronomical student debt and a feeling of wasted time and inadequacy.

People can beat the system though. It can be done but it is near impossible. Teens can do it by knowing what they want to do for the rest of their lives by the age of 17 when they start the next four (or more) years of their educated being. Once the path is clear and the first step has been taken, the hard part comes: to see what it is you are doing. People are too often afraid to genuinely step back and evaluate how much active control they have over their own lives. The easy thing to do is to sit back and let life keep living off of you while you routinely jump through the hoops the institution sets out.

It’s hard to play this game without losing more than what you brought to the table, but people still play. Education is too often a gamble. I don’t want to lose out just because I want to learn.