Do you need College to be Successful

College Can Be Key But . . .  Philosopher/Rapper Pastor Troy said “There are a million ways to get to the top of the mountain. To do it all is the same.” College is  absolutely a path to success. It is in no way the only path to success. The purpose of college is to get an entry-level job with a “good” starting salary.

The majority of parents rightfully advocate the college route because it is the safest and most common route to success. Some believe the cost of a 4 year university is not worth the benefit of a college degree. Others believe the networking opportunity college provides is priceless.

While a degree will get you more money and rank, you can become financially stable and very successful enlisting in the military. Privates start out around 14,000 dollars a year but they do not have to pay for food or living expenses. A person who is physically fit and makes sound decisions can rise in rank fast.

One potential drawback to this lifestyle is the risk of death upon being deployed into a war-zone. Your life is directly in the hands of the person above you so that persons competence level is of high importance. (Remember George Bush) Along with that is an unstable family situation. Military family members are often away from home or moving to different duty stations. This will augment stress on the spouse and children. Very strong relationships can withstand this.

Entrepreneurship is a risky path to success but a degree is not needed. The right idea and execution of the idea can turn any person into a CEO. This is the ideal of capitalism. A free enterprise where you can choose your skill of interest, and trade that product for money.

While it is true that not everyone is cut from the entrepreneurial cloth, there is nothing stopping any specific individual from going into business for themselves. America thrives off of small business so technically if you succeed in your small business, you are helping America succeed. You are also giving people jobs when they are at a premium thus helping others succeed.

Technically selling drugs is an entreprenuerial venture. It is highly illegal and ofcourse very dangerous. This does not stop many drug kingpins who are making lots of money without getting their own hands dirty. A lot of individuals look down on this line of work but think about it like this… Two men die at age 60. One went to 8 years of college. (4 years undergraduate and 4 years law school) Retired as a judge making 150,000 dollars a year. The other, dropped out of high school to sell drugs and made 800,000 dollars a year. Was the lawyers life more successful? Other factors are involved but he was not more successful monetarily.

Another path to success is joining the blue collar work force. Any type of trade can lead you to a successful life. Electricians, Mechanics, Plumbers, Cable TV installers, Carpenters, Construction workers, Barbers all can potentially be financially secure without college. In fact you don’t even have to be a legal citizen to do some of these trades. Conversely, all college graduates are not guaranteed a job anywhere, period, much less a career in their major.

There is no reason a person cannot diversify their investments. It is possible to be a mechanic who goes to online college for buisness, then becomes an entreprenuer by opening up their own automotive shop and uses it as a front for their illegal drug operation. Do not take the advice of this paragraph but do try and understand my point.  If you keep all of your eggs out of the same basket, you will be better prepared for any hurdles that may materialize.

Conventional wisdom equates success to financial security. Truthfully, success is happiness. Financial security is an element of happiness without a doubt but money will not buy health, family, or love.  College is without a doubt the safest path to success. Not  necessarily for the degree you  receive upon completion, but for the opportunity to think on another level with like-minded individuals.

Harvard college graduates believe the inventing of a job is better than finding one. This type of thought process is the most important ingredient to success. Positive confident thinking will get someone much further in life than a college degree will. Control your thoughts. Thoughts become actions. Actions become identity.