Does a Prestigious College Degree Make your Career

Getting that Ivy league education probably will not hurt your career aspirations but it certainly is not a necessity. There are many prominent individuals who dropped out of the top notch schools and went on to be very successful. Bill Gates is one of the first to come to mind. Graduating from Harvard or Yale may help you get the job but it will be up to you to keep it and rise to the top of the career ladder. Obviously if have a degree from a prestigious school you have risen to the top academically and you have superior intelligence. Is that intelligence coupled with common sense and a strong work ethic? If it isn’t then you may find success difficult.

Determine from the very beginning of your career where you want to go and begin to set goals to help you get there. If the college you graduated from isn’t well known focus on your accomplishments rather then the school. It will be up to you to impress your boss once you have landed the job. Your attitude, hard work and effort are going to get you noticed. Every time a promotion is available put yourself out there to be noticed for filling it. Make sure the work you are doing is outstanding and get yourself noticed. If you are doing an excellent job at your position by saving the corporation time or money you boss isn’t going to pass you by for a promotion because you didn’t graduate from a prestigious school.

If you are in the running for a position and you believe that your competition who graduated from the Ivy league are going to get the job they probably will because it will show through in your confidence. Show your bosses how smart you are and how dedicated you are by your actions not your credentials. Don’t be afraid to speak up to superiors with good ideas you may have that will save the company money. Have the confidence to show them that you believe you are going places and they will see to it that you get there especially if your ideas actually work to save the company money. If you can make your boss look good he or she is going to be impressed by your ability not your diploma.

So if you cannot get into the top university don’t doom yourself to failure. Use your brain and good attitude to get you to the top of the career ladder. If someone mentions that your competition graduated from the prestigious school you wish you could have attended be sure to remind them of the things about yourself that are superior to your competition. The fact that you worked full time and attended school full time so that you didn’t have debt. Perhaps the good works that you have done for the community like help to rebuild homes for the underprivileged or some other volunteer work to show that you are a well rounded person willing to help others. Get to know what your bosses value and learn about the company. You will find a way to reach the top despite the fact you didn’t graduate from Harvard or Yale.