Dos and Donts in College

Going off to college is a big deal for a lot of students. They may be travelling long distances, leaving their friends and families behind them, to pursue their academic ambitions. Many of these students worry about making friends, fitting in and getting along with fellow classmates and dorm buddies. Since first impressions are extremely important, your freshman year is the time to show people who you are and make new friendships that will last through college and beyond. For this reason there are certain things that must be done and others which are best avoided to ensure you get the best start possible in your college life.


#1 – Join some clubs and societies. There are a huge variety of diverse clubs to choose from in university. These activities are invaluable tools for meeting new people and making friends, while also providing the opportunity to represent your university in something you enjoy.

#2 – Invite people into your dorm. Don’t be a turtle or extremely private person in college. Invite friends over for movies or a few drinks. This is a great way to bond and build on friendships.

#3 – Show up early for orientation and classes at first. This way you can chat with others as you wait for proceedings to begin!

#4 – Be approachable and friendly. Introduce yourself in classes, at dorm rooms and in the cafeteria.

#5 – Be open to other cultures and opinions. College is full of diverse people from all over the globe. Don’t rule out somebody as a potential friend because of this!

#6 – Throw a party. Invite people you’ve met over for a good time. This will help strengthen friendships with your fellow peers, and is a great way to chat.

#7 – Keep on top of your assignments. Despite the importance of socializing and making new friends, ensure you put your work first. Remember this is your future, and by staying on top of it you will find it a lot easier come exam time.


#1 – Be over friendly. Don’t force yourself on people, but rather build friendships slowly and steadily by giving them time to warm up to you.

#2 – Miss classes. It might be tempting to sleep it in on a Monday morning after partying the weekend away, but missing classes will set you behind on your learning and may jeopardize your degree.

#3 – Fall behind on assignments. Do them as soon as you can and avoid leaving them until the last minute. This will make your college life a lot less stressful.

#4 – Be a hermit. Don’t stay locked up in your dorm all day on your computer, go out and socialize with your peers for a much more enjoyable experience.

College will be one of the best experiences of your life. These are the days you will remember when you are older, so make the most of them by making friends and achieving a well deserved degree!