Drawbacks of doing a Part Time MBA Program

One of the greatest things about pursuing higher education today is the flexibility afforded by the numerous type of degree programs available. Even Master of Business Administration degree programs offer lots of options for students looking to earn an advanced business degree.

In the modern MBA program students are not restricted to the traditional full-time day program. It used to be when students matriculated into an MBA program, they essentially planned on doing nothing else during the length of their program due to the rigorous structure involved.  

Not that alternative programs are any less demanding, however MBA programs these days offer students more choices that allow them to pursue an advanced degree with an easier ability to balance other obligations and responsibilities. Today things have changed and students can go to school part-time, or even part-time online, when doing their MBA coursework and there are many advantages to attending college this way.

This isn’t to say there are not some drawbacks to the part-time MBA program. Here are a few disadvantages:

• Takes longer to finish the program

Perhaps the most obvious drawback is that completing the MBA program will take longer in duration. Instead of finishing the credits in a relatively fast window of time, it could take several years to earn enough credits to complete the degree program. In this respect, this means potential years of challenge of juggling school, work and home responsibilities. This can become exhausting after the first year or two. Depending upon your level of study, it might take four to five years to complete the curriculum required.

• Limited college options

Not every university offers a part-time MBA program which means you might have to settle for a program that is not your first choice. You might miss out on certain concentrations of study offered with the MBA and/or the ability to take certain types of classes as course selections may be limited in part-time programs.

• Risk on transferable credits

Upon completion of the part-time MBA program, you might decide to continue on with additional schooling. In some instances, these credits may or may not be transferable to other programs and you might have to start over.  

A Master’s of Business Administration is a versatile degree and those who pursue this avenue of study often find their career opportunities expansive since the knowledge gained can be applied in the private, public or non-profit sectors. However whether you go full or part time, you’ll discover there are both pros and cons to each course of study, and it is a good idea to fully understand the drawbacks prior to committing both your time and money to a specific program.