Early Admission only Serves for the Colleges and Universities – Agree

Common sense is that there must at least be some reasons, either legitimate or not, for anything existing in the world. So it goes for the college and university early admission. As a rational person, even though I have nothing but strong agreemeent with dismissing this early admission practice, I have to admit that there is some GOOD sometime and somehow. For example, this early admission will give an opportunity for students who are good or smart enough to obtain a full consideration during the admission process in a timely way. But besides this, I believe early admission is generally an unfair admission policy for the majority.

First, early admission, as an admission policy, was first developed as the result of the competition between colleges and universities – especially those top-ranking universities and those universities who are trying to earn a higher ranking. These colleges and universities use early admission to attract more applications, but they will not easily give out an offer at this admission stage. Instead, they will keep your application, on a waiting list or whatever it is called, into a regular admission process. Why? The numbers matters in U.S. News’ education rankings. The more applications they have, the lower admission rate they arrive at, the higher ranking they can get. So this early admission policy is only supposed to be good for colleges and universities, but not prospective students.

Second, early admission, especially those called committed, is harmful for most students. Let’s face it, this is a college admission policy. When you apply to a college, most people will choose a fairly safe shot. For example, they might have a good shot to Harvard, but when they apply, they might choose a much lower school for their early admission. And most students apply to colleges at age 17 or 18. So are we requiring them to decide their future or even their whole life by a piece of paper or a signature? I mean, once you sign the early admission, you make a commitment to the college that you will have to go to, no matter what! It is just so dangerous for 17- or 18-year-old kids. They are too young to decide their lives by a simple signature.

Third, what is this early admission really about? Do these colleges and universities use different or lower standards to evaluate an application through this admission process, just because these applicants made a commitment that, ‘Oh this is a good college and I love it a lot’? No. Colleges will not admit this. But what if they really did? Unfair!