Earth Science Research Paper Topics

In taking any college level science course, sometime near the end, the instructor may assign you to do a report that can span several pages and over five-thousand words. However, the time it takes to write or type up the paper is shorter than the time it takes to do the necessary research. Before you start doing the research for your paper in your earth science course, you have to pick a topic. Picking the specific topic can be daunting. Earth science can be split into many subjects. Each subject can be split into smaller subjects. One topic can branch into many more topics. When having to type up a term paper for earth science class, there are plenty of topics you can choose from.

You can pick the earth science topic on the atmosphere. That topic itself is divided into other topics. One such topic in regards to the atmosphere is atmospheric chemistry which centers on the chemistry of the atmosphere of the earth and the other planets. This topic can be applied to many disciplines of science. If you go into that topic, expect to branch out to different fields of science. Another topic in regards to the atmosphere is meteorology which spans many disciplines of science. Furthermore, the topic of the atmosphere can branch out into paleoclimatology which studies the change in climate in regards to the recorded history of the earth.

A second topic you can look into would be geology which is the field of science that revolves around the solid earth. This can be branched off into economic geology, engineering geology, structural geology, or sedimentology.

You could do a term paper in regards to geochemistry which is the discipline of science that focuses on Earth and other planets in regards to chemical processes. You could do a term paper in regards to geophysics; but, you could end up branching into geomagnetism or seismology.

If helps if you keep track with current events. You can pick out topics out of recent events such as the massive oil spill that affected the Gulf of Mexico. That can branch out into topics about contamination of the land. You could talk about the drilling for oil as one subject. In one of the news reports, United States President Barack Obama explained that there is plenty of oil around. He did explain that in order to get the oil, the oil companies have to drill into deeper depths.

You could do reports on the earthquakes that have happened in both Haiti and Japan. In regards to Japan, you can go in-depth on the aftermath of the tsunami that struck Japan and the subsequent earthquakes. On that note, your term paper could branch into the debate on the continued use of nuclear power.

There are your usual topics in regards to earth science. However, be sure to keep track of current events as they could be relative to earth science in some form of way.