Those of you who have a job and must work in order to support yourself are well aware of the difficulties of also having to go to school, either during the day or during the evening. Alas, having fun should be the last thing on your mind, but some time is usually required each week for doing those things just for the fun of it.

Like it or not, most people must have time in which to relax and/or be away from the daily routine of work and school. Then again, if you enjoy learning, your education might, in fact, provide a great deal of enjoyment for you. That is particularly true if you are learning a profession and/or skill that has your interest, knowing full well that the end result of your education will provide a better standard of living to you at some time within the future.

Be that as it may, a good deal of your current available time must be allocated to those things that are most important to your well being. That is, your job should be your most important task each week. Knowing when you will have to work and how much time you will spend each week doing so now provides you the opportunity to determine just how many more hours are left in the week for going to classes and completing the assigned school work required of you to receive excellent grades.As such, it might take many more than four years to finally earn a college degree.

Then again, what you study might also be a consideration in regard to the time required to have a better way to earn a living for yourself.To take on more work than you can possibly complete each week is truly a stupid thing to do.

It is far better to have only one or two college courses each semester than it is to try to complete the class schedule of a full time student. In so doing, you will earn better grades if you are not a full time student, since you will have less time available for study.

In regard to just having fun, if you waste your time in bars or watching television or playing video games or for any other mindless activity you will have no one to blame but yourself, if you should happen to flunk out of school. Therefore, you must pick an area of study that you truly, one day, would like to make your life’s work. Believe me, the pride of accomplishment that you will most certainly feel as time goes by will be everlasting and bring the realization to you that your life is truly worth living when you will have time to simply have fun.