Those of us who have lived within a college dormitory or a university dormitory are well aware of the fact that the living space provided is too small in which to accommodate such luxuries known as “Creature Comforts.” The student is usually provided with a bed, closet, desk, book shelves and just enough space in which to change ones clothes.

On the other hand, things can be hung on the walls within ones living space, like an HDTV, assuming that a cable connection and a power connection is available for use. So too, computers are more or less luxury items, if not an essential part of ones education.

Some dorm rooms might be large enough for the placement of a reclining easy chair on which one can read a book in style and comfort. Like it or not, that one hard wooden chair that is usually provided does cause a certain amount of discomfort to those who must use that chair for an extended period of time. Therefore, a seat pad can also be considered a luxury item for those who spend a whole lot of time in front of their desk. Without such a pad the prolonged use of such furniture is nothing more than cruel and unusual punishment.

Then again, those students who enjoy one or more kinds of hot liquid refreshments, a two or four cup coffee maker is most certainly a luxury. Such an appliance can be placed on a book shelf, on a desk or placed within a closet when not in use. So too, an insulated ice cooler for keeping ones bottled or canned soft drinks is most certainly a luxury. Ice is usually available within the dorm cafeteria and can easily be obtained during the dining periods.

Let us not forget about an additional luxury item that, in my opinion, is also an absolute necessity. That being, a portable movie and/or music entertainment system. Seeing rented or owned movies and/or hearing ones favorite music serves to provide a pleasant form of relaxation before one retires for the night or during the weekend.

Last but not least, it is far better to have a clock radio, than it is to have a spring powered alarm clock. When your clock radio springs to life with music in which to alert you to the start of a new day it is far better than hearing the sound of what more like an alert caused by a fire. Without a single doubt, your clock radio is not only a luxury, it is also, or should be, an essential part of your dorm room experience.