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Education must be free for all

I fully subscribe to the belief, according my Islamic faith that education must be free for the Prophet said, “Acquire knowledge and disseminate it to the people.”

This is how Baghdad became the first greatest learning institution of research and development attracting learners and scholars from all parts of the world and of all backgrounds. Medical science and other disciplines would not been here if Baghdad did not exist.

Many scientists and scholars who learned and came out of this learning institution did not have degrees but went on to become highly respected teachers who commanded large followings.

Thanks to the Iraq-US war that Baghdad may not have all its glory and educational resources that the entire world was once proud of and benefited from, especially the West that took most from the Arabic literature but seldom (if ever) gave any credit to it.

One of the most respected saints of last century Hazrat Maulana Nur Dean, a Baghdad scholar and personal physician of the King of Jammu Kashmir, did not have any degrees.

Over the centuries, education has become heavily commercialized and institutions have become profit making with sky-rocketing college fees that many cannot afford and therefore remain deprived of the expensive educational qualifications. Those who make it to the colleges and universities remain in debt for most part of their lives paying back the student loans that they had to borrow for their studies.

Law and medicine are the most expensive disciplines to accomplish in the US.

Accredited or unaccredited

What is concerning in this regard is whether the institution is accredited or unaccredited. Accreditation makes a lot of difference mainly for those who would like to practice is a certain field.

Most States have stringent laws and do not readily give credence to foreign education.

However, there are private companies (not universities or colleges) that evaluate foreign education and “Life Experiences” and award college credits
As a matter fact all colleges and universities are supposed to give up to 28 college credits for life experiences which translated into dollars means a saving of $5,600.00 in college fees, roughly two years of tuition cost.

California Bar lists , among others, following law schools as “unaccredited” and these are generally cheaper universities, California Southern University, Taft Law School, Northwestern and West Coast School of Law just to say a few.

One university fee for law degree is only $1,500a year. That’s a give away for law degree programs compared to over $50,000 at a state university for a Jurist doctorate degree. Postsecondary and vocational requirements are inoperative currently.

In the British oriented countries Management Insitutes play a great role in shaping, evaluating and accrediting continuing eduation and life experiences to profesional accrdiation wchich are requtnly sought by academics as well practising professionals as a mare of their learning refkecetd as Associate, Member, Assoc. Fellow and Fellow of the institutitutes. Usually a membership-babsed non-profit organizations, these institute provide professionally designed seminars , workshops and convetnions for the benefit of the members and keep them abreast with the new developments in their field and profressions.