Educational Options for the non Traditional Student

In today’s fast paced world there are many options for a non-traditional student to seek and obtain a degree. Many people are beginning to discover the on-line based courses that are offered across the world. Some colleges are offering special rates to individuals who meet a certain age criteria. There are classes an individual can take on campus, there are virtual classroom that use a two way satellite, and there are the on-line courses. I have used two forms of the listed classroom settings. I started out using on-line courses at a local community college. I really did enjoy the freedom in my schedule that these classes provided me. Once I took all the courses that I felt I could towards my degree on-line, I began with on campus classes. Both were very good experiences for me. I want to point out that it is important that before you pay any money toward an on-line school; you must first make sure that it is an accredited school. Your future college transfer will only take courses that are accredited. Also I wanted to say, meet with the advisor; in person if possible, to discuss your educational career options. I am sure that with all the resources available an individual can find a solution to meet their schedule. I think that an education beyond high school is one of the best investments a person can make. I am currently attending a private college that has a wonderful program for non-traditional students. The on-line courses that I took were challenging and I had to devote enough time to grip the material that was being studied. Most professors are very helpful in questions that arise. It is important to only take on the amount of classes that you can handle. On-line courses are much like independent study classes. Devotion to course loads is important to succeed. On campus study is more involved in a set schedule. Be prepared for out of class assignments and many hours of study when considering your schedule. Many people have to look at college as a job, it requires your time and money. For the most part non-traditional students tend to preform very well in college classes. My professors have all said the same thing, when we see a non-traditional student; we know that we have a good student. This line of thinking comes from the fact that an adult student has the maturity to do what needs to be done in order to make the grade.