Educational Options for the non Traditional Student

If you have been fearing the worst at your job or maybe even lost your job in this troubled economy, you might want to make an investment in your future now. The job market all over isn’t so great and chances of finding a new job after losing your old one may be getting slimmer each day. If you have been looking and still remain unemployed, you might need to think about changing tactics.

Investing in your future now may give you a leg up on the competition in the job market, especially a tough job market. Research shows the recent enrollment in graduate programs are on the rise as more people are understanding the need to learn more to earn more. While it may be difficult to finance your further education goals while you are not working, the investment you make in yourself will reward you in the end. There are options for you to return to school, even in a bad economy, you just have to be proactive about finding out about all the choices you have.

Visit the Prospective School Counselor
If you have an idea of what school you would like to attend, visit the school and find out what options you have for financing your education. The financial aid or enrollment department should be able to answer your questions and may even be able to provide you information about local financing opportunities you may not have known about otherwise.

Explore Your Options
There are many ways to pay for school. Here are a few of the choices you might have to finance your education goals:

Subsidized/Private Student Loans since you are unemployed, you may qualify for many more student loans programs than if you were working full time. Many older adults won’t qualify for federal loans but returning students may be eligible for a $2500 tax credit based on expenses related to their pursuit of higher education.

Find a Part time Job since many graduate school programs take a year or more, you might need to take a part time job to help pay the bills while you finish school.

Back-to-School Scholarships/Grants there may be some programs in your area for people who are returning back to school after a long hiatus. Check with your local resources and on the internet for scholarships and grants for people in your positions.

Learn Online there are many programs online that are less-expensive and more convenient for those with busy lives and families.

Go Part Time to make your costs a bit easier, check with the schools of your choice to find out about the options for going only part time, taking a few classes at a time to make it more affordable, even if it takes longer to get through school.

Consider going back to school to advance your current skills or to even change your total career direction. Despite the bad economy, there are still many industry that are thriving during the economic struggles of the nation. Discover the different programs that will help prepare you for a total career makeover and don’t be afraid to pursue the career path you always wanted.