Effective Memory Tips

Poor memory means poor grades. If you forgot what you have read, then everything you have done for the upcoming exam will just be a futile exercise. Hence, a skill that one must possess in order to hurdle an examination is a good memory.

The key in passing the examination is to give the right answers. You can only do so if you can still remember what was discussed and what you have reviewed from the review materials available.  But how will you be able to memorize all test materials that you have?

Here are simple and practical tips that might help you to memorize the test materials:

Preparation is still the best answer. As they say failing to prepare is preparing to fail.  You must read in advance to avoid the worst case scenario of cramming. When you are prepared, all materials that you need will be organized as well as the time you will spend for reviewing.

Once you get familiar with the materials that you have, then memorizing will be as easy as a walk in the park!

It will also be of great help if you will just select the best materials and stick with it. That way, you’ll save time by reading only the materials that are really essential. If you will read all material that you have, when will you be able to finish all of them? It is a must to have a so-called “scientific approach” in studying. This is done by giving emphasis on the details that will be most likely asked in the examination.

Read. read. read. By reading the material all over again, you will develop the so called photographic memory. You can easily recall what you have read if you’ll develop the hobby of rereading.

If you own the review materials, you may use highlighters to mark them in order to give emphasis for important topics. In the margin, you can also write some notes so that you will easily remember what that page of the material is all about. In short, try to personalize the material by putting the necessary marks that will guide you in understanding the topic provided in that particular page of the test material.

Other aids in memorizing test materials are making mnemonics for easy recall and longer retention. If possible, you may also do a recording of the lessons you must review. That way, you can listen to your recording not only during free time but also when you are doing household chores

While it is true that not everyone of us is gifted with a sharp memory, it is equally true that a good memory can be developed. Through perseverance in reading your test materials and having confidence in yourself that you can accomplish this, passing the examination, if not topping the same, will no longer be an unrealized dream.