Effective Strategy for the Multiple Choice Writing Section for the Sat

The SAT writing section is one of the three sections on the test.  This section includes an essay, and some various questions about sentence structure and grammar.  The article below will discuss some effective strategies for the multiple-choice writing section of the SAT to help you do well.

1)  Look for similar choices and understand one of them is most likely correct.  If I am given a question with five choices and four of the answers begin with however and one of them begin with and, one of the four is probably correct and you have eliminated twenty percent of the possible choices.  You may have to carefully look over the similar choices as they may seem to be the same, but they are obviously not.  The similar choices may only have one small difference, like punctuation and this is where remembering rules will come in handy when all the choices are similar.  This is an effective strategy for the multiple-choice writing section of the SAT.

2)  Read the sentence at a normal pace and then look at the choices that you are given.  When you read the sentence at a normal pace like you were talking to someone in front of you, then you can see what punctuation would be used and that will help eliminate some choices.  For example, if you are reading a sentence and you don’t break much, chances are there are no semi-colons.  The way you would ordinarily speak indicates whether or not a comma is used, a semi-colon, an exclamation mark, and others.  Reading a sentence at normal speed and then looking at the answer and analyzing it will help you do well.

3)  Eliminate obviously stupid choices!  For a five choice question, which is fairly standard for this section of writing on the SAT, two are going to be obviously wrong and you have three left from which to choose.  Any eliminations will help narrow down your choices if you are not sure and almost every question has two absurd choices.

Every test has a strategy and the tips for this test could be used for many others as well!  Most of this test focuses on grammar, sentence structure, and punctuation, and following the above mentioned tips will aid you in doing well on the multiple-choice writing section of the SAT!