Effective Study Habits for College Students

Once you enroll in college and begin to take classes you may be in for a rude awakening just like I was. In high school I never studied and got good grades, however I was not able to use this same strategy in college.

Not having the best study habits I almost flunked out. It was not until I put my nose to the grindstone that I was able to turn the tide in my favor.

Some of the study habits I have observed that work is start to study immediately after your class is over. You should wait no longer than one hour to start studying. The information is still very much fresh in your mind and you are more likely to recall more things even if you did not write them down. It’s been documented that students receiving a 4.0 out of 4.0 grade point average followed this practice religiously. There is probably a need to want to play a game, or go to the gym or watch TV or socialize right after class. Don’t do it. Study right after class because you can always do those other things later.

Another practice is to read a chapter first very quickly not trying to absorb all the information, just skimming some important facts. Then go back and read the chapter again this time a little more in depth and taking notes or high lighting certain key points.

Later you may want to come back and jot down those same important key points on index cards and study those cards.

Also another good policy is to make yourself a test and take it. This will put you into another dimension of studying. You may ask a friend in the same class to prepare a test for you and try to stump you with the questions.

You will probably not be able to utilize all of these avenues for studying but you will want to experiment and see which ones work best for you and which ones you are comfortable with.

One more technique is to study the same time at the same place every time you study. This puts you in the habit of studying and helps you get comfortable with the idea of studying. If you go to different locations some times it takes awhile to adjust to a new location and you have to get used to your new environment which could prove to be a distraction.