The things that you do while you are a student at a college or a university that are not related to what you are learning are known as “extracurricular activities.” What do you like to do that is not part of your formal education?

Some people play sports while others watch television or listen to music. There are those who become politically active and support some kind of a cause that is expected to benefit Mankind. There are those people who just can not learn enough so they spend a whole lot of time in the library, just reading all that interests them.

Others enjoy being with other people so they seek out new friends and might even join a campus club of some kind that is filled with people who have similar interests. Such clubs can be bridge clubs, chess clubs or clubs that promote some kind of craft and/or hobby. Do you have a hobby, like stamp collecting, jewelry making, painting, photography, sewing or any other kind of interest that you can share with others?

Believe it or not, there is more to life than learning a skill or a profession. What good is having a whole lot of money if you cannot spend some of it for your own enjoyment? Then again, we all have to support ourselves. Otherwise, we would end up on the street with nothing to eat, homeless and at the mercy of criminals and the natural elements.

Those other non-income earning activities are part of who you are as a person. As such, those additional activities tell an employer what kind of person you are and if you will function properly in the work environment. They also say a whole lot about how you relate to other people and if you are able to meet the demands of being a responsible adult.

You might have other interests that include drinking in bars, using illegal drugs and/or gambling away your hard earned money, in hopes of getting rich quick. You might also be a truly greedy person and your only goal is to become filthy rich, no matter who you hurt in the process.

Then again, you want a perspective employer to see the good things that you are about, not the fact that you might be addicted to sex, violence, booze and/or drugs that make you higher than a kite in a hurricane. Party animals are not usually good employees, even if they are a whole lot of fun. Fun should occur outside of the workplace and clowns do not get the job done unless they work in a circus. Is your place of employment a circus?

Then again, you must enjoy what you derive from the work that you do. Do you have what is called “pride of accomplishment?” The more you know the better off you will be in the long run. You seek to increase your experience and knowledge so that you can assume more responsibility. That is how you become sucessful but first you must obtain that first job doing what you learned when you were a college student. Good luck!