Being a student within a college or a university, you might have some free time in which to socialize, to enjoy a snack or a meal outside of the dormitory and shop for those items that you might require for your health and/or additional comfort within the educational environment. If you have too much available time and you like to spend money you can also find yourself a job.

Money does not grow on trees so you might have to get a part time job, in order to purchase some entertainment, snacks and refreshments and/or the other items that are essential to your mental and physical well being while you are away from home.

Many colleges and universities hire students to work in the dormitories and other places on campus during the school year. You could also seek employment by reading the help wanted ads within the local newspaper. You should only work during those times when you have nothing important to do. Keep in mind that your purpose for going to college is to learn a trade or a profession for a better life in the future.

If so, the best job for you can usually be found within the college or university administration building. As a matter of fact, your best chance for finding a job that will fit into your daily schedule is one that is provided by the college or the university in which you are a student.

Believe it or not, many of those on campus jobs were created for students who are less fortunate, money wise, than the rest of the student population. A student can work in the library, be a teacher’s aid or a gofer for a professor, a bus boy, bus girl or food server in a dormitory cafeteria. You can even be employed as a part time janitor.

Knowing full well that you will have to work for that additional money it is wise to apply for that campus job as soon as you know when your will have to attend classes. You should also allow time within your daily schedule to study, eat and sleep.

The extra time that is available to you is that time when you will be able to work. Having determined when you can work, you can now go to the administration building and speak to the person who is in charge of hiring students to fill those available jobs. This you must do at the start of the semester or school year. No doubt, many other students will need such a job just as you need to earn a few extra bucks.

It is also wise to determine just how much more money you will need, in order to purchase those things that cause you to seek employment. Yes, some of those jobs are created by people or corporations for the express purpose of providing aid to less fortunate students, like a form of welfare. However, this is a workfare environment. You get something for working a job that usually pays more money than it is worth but not enough money to pay for all of your living expenses. In short, you will be offered enough money to just barely get by and maybe even go out to see a movie once a month, if you are lucky.

You do have to relate your reason for such a job to whoever does the hiring and it is quite likely that you will be employed long enough to provide to you the additional money that you require, in order to complete the school semester or year comfortably. It is a simple matter to make a list of your monthly expenses and show that list to whoever you talk you, so he or she knows that you are a serious job applicant.

During my last year of college I had such a job working in the university accounting department. It was also good experience gained for the time when I did seek and obtain my first accounting job. As a matter of fact, that gained working experience within my chosen profession counted greatly in my behalf. Having a job while being a student, that is relevant to your area of study, is truly a good thing to have.