Essential Books for Law School

Law school is no laughing matter when it comes to getting an education. You have to work very hard to get there and to stay there. It takes years of study and case files before you can graduate and practice as an attorney no matter what field you have specialized in. To make this journey easier, it is very important to have the right books and there are some that top the list as essential for the law student.

These books can be grouped into different categories depending on what stage you are in. There are those for people who want to find a good law school, for those who have chosen the law school and are preparing for entrance exams, as well as those for individuals who have already started their journey in their school of choice. Here is a look at those groups and the top rated books within them.

Starting Out and Making Choices

Choosing a law school and knowing what to expect from it can be a difficult task. It is important to choose the right school at the beginning so that you can be happier throughout your schooling experience. These books can help you with this process.

*Law School Confidential

This book is rated at the top for individuals that are considering attending a law school. It helps the reader to learn what is expected from them in the institute and what the life of going to law school is like. This book is written in a casual tone and reaches the reader in a genuine way.

*How to Get Into the Top Law Schools

This is also ranked at the top and there are plenty of reasons why. This book includes everything that the potential law student needs to know about choosing a particular school, writing the LSAT exam, how to write the personal statement in the application and so on.

*The Law School Book: Succeeding at Law School, 3rd Edition

This book is quite perfect for individuals that want to apply to a law school or who are new students in law school. It is aimed at the Canadian Legal system however and may not be suitable for those outside of Canada. It covers everything from the application to the perception of the justice system and many other aspects that a person should know at these early stages.

LSAT Preparation Assistance Books

Once you have chosen the school, or perhaps while you are still choosing between your favorites, you need to prepare for the LSAT exam. This is a tough exam but by having these books, you can make that preparation go much smoother.

*The Next 10 Actual, Official LSAT Prep Test

There are perhaps many different books that are a great help with preparing for the LSAT exam but this has something that many other books don’t have – real tests that have been used in the past. The reader can find out exactly what to expect for the exam and this is a big deal when preparing for such a thing.

*The Official LSAT Prep Test 51

This is the actual Official LSAT preparation book as prepared and published by the Law School Admission Council to assist future law students with sitting their exam. This book also includes past exams.

*Getting to Maybe

This book concentrates on teaching potential law students and actual law students to think and of course to write like a lawyer. It also features lessons on how to analyze various legal cases that are found on the exams that law schools notoriously give.

Personal Statement Assistance

Writing a personal statement is an important part of the application. There are certain pieces of information that you need to include and specific ways to write it. Without this knowledge, even the best of students are not admitted, which is why this particular book is so important.

*How to Write a Winning Personal Statement

This book features essays that have been written by the admissions directors of various big name law schools such as Harvard Law and Yale Law. It also has a lot of advice and recommendations about writing the personal statement that works.

Logic Games Help

There are always sections of every exam that someone finds difficult but it seems to be a common opinion that the logic games are the most difficult part of the LSAT. These can cost a person valuable points on their test. Using this book can gain back those normally lost points.

*PowerScore Logic Games Bible

This book teaches how to analyze and answer the logic games which many times are considered to be the most difficult parts of the exams. This book can actually bring up the score of the reader by several points.

Necessities for Actual Law Students

Once a person gets into law school, they will need a lot of different books. These books listed may not be in the curriculum but they are listed at the top of those that can help the most with the journey.

*The Blue Book

This book lists various legal citations, something that every lawyer has or should have.

*The Red Book

This is a guide on how to write for legal cases whether it is for a memo, a briefing, a motion, and so on. Everything a person needs for legal writing is included in this book.

*Dictionary of Modern Legal Usage

Yet another book on writing but correct grammar and sentence structure are essential in this type of profession. It has everything from the spelling of the terms to the formatting of various documents and everything in between.

Choices of Books

There are many different books to choose from but these are the ones that have been ranked as some of the best. They have helped others to succeed in going the right direction and in succeeding and they can possibly help you as well.