Essential Items for a College Dorm Bathroom

Heading into college will be one of the biggest moments in your life. It is a huge transition from Child to adult.

Home life may have been good for you when it came to your own space, but now if you are living in a dorm, you will be sharing this space with at least one other person. One of the many fears that most freshman have going to college is the personal hygiene issue.

 Go over the rules of the bathroom with your roommates. Don’t be overly extensive with it, but try to find out what the other guy/s is thinking when it comes to the bathroom. Will you be sharing supplies or will you be using your own toiletries. Of course if you guys share stuff, you’re going to have to split the cost of the items to get. Here are some items you will want to consider getting.

1. All the different toiletries. Shampoo, toothpaste, soap, toilet paper, etc.

Of course these are the utmost important of anything on the list. That is why they are number one. You are not going to get very far without any of these on the list plus others not mentioned. You want to make a list of everything you use in your house already, and make sure you have all of that for your college life. Anything you can’t live without, get.

2. Air Fresheners.

This is pretty important to most people. When you first move into your dorm, it may not smell. As the months go on, it might start to get bad. Between the dirty clothes, the mildew and mold, and the dirty toilet, you are going to want some plug ins and maybe a disinfectant spray around. Unless of course you and your roommates are very clean people that keep up daily with the bathroom.

3. Cleaning supplies.

It’s up to you and your roommates to decide who is going to clean the bathroom. You will probably decide to rotate every week or so to clean the bathroom. Make sure you grab your cleaning supplies for that. You’re going to want some windex, bleach, and other preferred cleaning supplies.

So there are a few tips of some really essential items to have for you dorm bathroom. Living on your own can be tough, and with all the headaches and stress of trying to figure out your financial aid, class schedule, etc, it’s easy to understand that some little things can be forgotten. I hope you keep this in mind as you prepare to venture into a new part of your life.